About Manavikata

"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice" - Nelson Mandela.
We live in a country which has several billionaires and many people leading a luxurious life. We also live in a country where millions of people struggle for food, clothes, shelter and medical facilities. The gap between the haves and have-nots needs to be bridged to make this country a better place. No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. With this objective, Manavikata started its journey in 2017. Our foundation rests on the pillars of honesty, kindness, empathy and trust. Unlike many other NGOs, we are a non-profit organisation which does not have political source of funding or political influence. Our activities are undertaken primarily by raising funds from our members, volunteers associated with us and well wishers across the society. Our members comprise of government employees, doctors, banking professionals, teachers, lawyers, academicians, college students and even housewives.
Some of our activities include :
  • Running our own old age home 'Pather Sathi' and providing assistance to other orphanage and old age homes
  • Providing free tuitions, clothes and other amenities to poor students.
  • Organising health camps across the State.
  • Providing food, clothes and medicines to poor people on the roadside and in the interior parts.
  • Providing medical assistance to mentally retarded and physically disabled people.
  • Financial support to poor and needy.
  • Coordinating for emergency blood donation services.
  • Rescuing flood victims, destitute children and women.
  • Campaigning for human right issues and issues related to health and environment.
Through our volunteers, in a very short span of time, we have successfully reached out to the far flung and most inaccessible and backward areas of Tripura. Our motto is building the highest degree of public trust and reach to the needy in the shortest possible time and with adequate essential resources.

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Annual Report 2018-19 Annual Report 2017-18

        Sudip Sarkar

  We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, We work for those
  who cannot afford to buy even a loaf of bread for themselves. If we are
   privileged than others,It's time to come together and empower our society.
  We should understandour social responsibilities , so that we may help others
  to empower themselves. Manavikata has been doing a great work for building
  the nation by helping the poor section of our society. I feel very proud to
  be a part of "Manavikata"-A Temple of Humanity


        Sandip Roy
      General Secretary

  Kindness is next to godliness. Manavikata is not only an organization for me,
   rather a family. Members of this society are my backbone. It's one of my
  dreams to serve helpless people I believe in spirituality, that inspires me to
   do so. I find Bhagvat Geeta teaching are most helpful to overcome any
  situation in life and after realizing that I dedicated my life to the service of
   poors & beggers. I have taken this initiative in 2016 to found a society which
   will serve people to root level that comes into existance on 29th March 2017.
  Now I can proudly say that Our Manavikata family members are really
  doing great for real needy people. From my perception, the person who
   lives for himself, work for own pleasure and interest have no difference
   with animals. I measure people by their heart not by their wealth,
   designation, ignorance or intelligence and I also love and respect people
   who respects others irrespective of their social designation.
  Help Others and God will definitely help you. Thank you