About Manavikata

Manavikata is an abode of kindness,honesty, trust. Unlike others, Our NGO is not a not for profit organization that is independent of state and other government organizations. We are primarly funded by donations by our members, volunteers associated with this organization and other good wishes of the society. Our activity includes:helping students of different orphan houses and poor students across our society by providing them free of cost tution, essential educational equipments, assist to orphan and old age homes, providing clothes and other basic eminities in the far flung rural villages & road beggars, to cure mentally disable road people through proper medical treatment, human rights, financial help to needy student and poor pateint, medical Services , improving health & environment, women empowerment and other development work. Our level of operation varies depending on the situation i.e. Our organization works in local, regional & most backward inaccessible parts of areas of our state. We belive in a high degree of public trust. Whenever there is a need, we asure to be on the side of the needy as soon as possible & also with an utmost provision of requirements.